The Pawfect Bake Off!

As you know, Foggy’s Global Challenge will end on 16th July 2024, the year-long challenge was to travel 250,000 miles and raise £1,000,000 (Neither have been achieved but he/we had fun trying!). This July marks ME Foggy Dog’s 10th anniversary of M.E fundraising and campaigning (in various forms) and I had been thinking of ways to mark the occasion. Redefining Gravity (remember that?) was supposed to mark the anniversary with a bang whilst also being AMAZING for awareness/fundraising for our community. That was ‘pawsed’ 6 months ago, due to ‘challenges’, however…..’to be continued’ (at some point). I still believe with all of my heart and M.E-addled brain that this was a blooming good idea.

When Foggy met Jennie

I first ‘met’ Jennie Jacques a few months ago when she interviewed me to launch her YouTube channel and to talk about my NHS protocol campaign and M.E advocacy. Please follow Jennie’s YouTube channel.

The Pawfect Bake Off

This AWESOME campaign launched this week – thank you to Jennie Jacques’ Bake 4 MECFS for holding this ‘Bake Off’ to fundraise for us. As it states on the website-

The Pawfect Off is to celebrate Sally Callow’s 10 year anniversary with the famous

ME Foggy Dog – a rather handsome globetrotting adventurer raising funds for CURE M.E!’

I LOVE this idea!! It is the perfect theme for ME Foggy Dog, as you all know Foggy was a soft toy replica of my own in real life dog Patch in 2014 and Maggie is my current fur baby. I LOVE dogs! (real life and in my imagination!)

See photos of the furries in my life, I can hear the ‘ahhhhhhhhh’s already!




Back to the Bake Off, please do take part if you are able to. It’ll be great fun, raise oodles of cash for Cure ME, and I’m on the judging panel! (Glad Foggy isn’t a judge – I’m sure he could be bribed with Wotsits!). Everything you need to know can be found on the Bake4MECFS website.

Watch this fun Bake 4 MECFS Instagram video –

Not long to go now and it’s the perfect way to end on a high note!

Love Sally

and Foggy (OBVIOUSLY)



ps. Don’t forget to donate to Foggy’s fund for Cure ME – we need research funding. £1102 has been raised since July 2023. Thank you to all who have donated and supported this fundraiser already.

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