Foggy Love

People from all over the world love Foggy!

Here are a selection of some of the lovely things people have said about Team Foggy and their mission.

Sally is a determined and inspiring woman. When fighting for awareness (and hopefully a cure) for invisible illnesses, Sally is relentlessly passionate, honest and kind to all who she reaches on her mission to share knowledge. By using ‘Foggy,’ an endearing cuddly dog toy, Sally spreads happiness across the world in a unique way.

I can’t thank Sally enough for reaching out to me and helping me when I was first diagnosed. Her support, ongoing fundraising efforts and undeniable passion is amazing by any standards; it’s even more impressive to have achieved this on the limited energy the illness allows!

Thank you Sally. I’ll forever be grateful for the world of social media for connecting you when I needed someone who understood, Foggy adventures and the future cure you’ve fought for and contributed to so greatly.
Dani Russo (UK)


Sally Callow; the brain behind ME Foggy is one of the most creative people I have come across. She never runs out of ideas and get things done in a very short time.

What she has achieved in terms of ME awareness worldwide is miraculous. I am so excited about her latest brainchild Stripy Lightbulb.
Retha Viviers, founder of ME CFS South Africa Foundation (South Africa)


I’ve been a keen supporter of “Team Foggy” as Sally and Foggy (or Foggy and Sally, depends who is in charge…) for the past year since I came across them on Twitter. Seeing someone so passionate about raising people’s awareness about ME/CFS and all the issues they deal with on a daily basis is heartening. Getting the message out there and pushing the powers that be to act is their main goal and while it’s hard work, both Sally and the Fogster have been great champions for ME awareness.
Howard (New Zealand)


Foggy & Sally – super heroes! I have had the pleasure of watching and listening to Sally and the adventures of Foggy for a number of years.

I thoroughly enjoy reading and following the impressive sojourns of our tiny hero (and occasionally his stunt double) but one has to be impressed with the efforts of his PA. Sally has shown excellent skills in organising these efforts, raising an impressive amount of money in the process. Taking into account “payback” and other impacts of M.E. on Sally, then this is nothing less than awesome!

All the time explaining Myalgic Encephalomyelitis to the world and increasing awareness of the condition.

I look forward to the further adventures of Foggy and wish Sally every success in the new venture!
Nigel Cox (UK)


A way of seeing the world in a funny way, even if I’m stuck in my armchair and some hope for the future.
Jeanne-Marie Vaidie (France)


Sally and ME Foggy Dog are more than simply campaigners for funding research into ME. Through ME Foggy Dog, Sally has drawn alongside countless people with ME, and their families and friends, to encourage and champion them on their ME journeys. I feel privileged to call her a friend!
Claire, Northern Ireland.


You are so inspirational Sally! I can’t get my m.e head around everything ur doing for us all but I just know it’s a vast amount and true to form, it’s spot on! Thank you so much from me and my always foggy head, XOX
Ryn Stevens (UK)