ME Foggy Dog is a UK-based Social Enterprise that works for the benefit of the UK and International M.E. Community.

As a social enterprise, we give 50% of our surplus to Cure M.E. for biomedical research.

Our long-term goal is to bring about social change for M.E. patients internationally by smashing the stigma with our awareness-raising, changing policy with our campaigning, and funding research that will eventually lead to a treatment or cure.

Foggy’s Back on His Adventures!

Foggy Returns for his 2023-24 Global Challenge. A fundraising target - £1 million. Millage target - 250,000 miles

More About ME Foggy Dog

ME Foggy Dog evolved from a quirky fundraising idea in 2014 into the not-for-profit business that it is today! We deliberately take a lighthearted approach to ensure maximum engagement with this devastatingly serious health issue.

Much of our campaigning is driven by social media, please follow Foggy on his many social media channels!

ME Foggy Dog’s Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of M.E. patients using every available means and opportunity.

How Foggy Raises Money

Our business activities include campaigning on a variety of M.E. related issues, regular fundraising campaigns, and awareness activities that have historically included a film screening and awareness talks.

We raise our surplus through donations (separate to our fundraising campaigns), consultancy fees, and sale of merchandise.

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Foggy’s Campaigning

Our campaigning to date has included:


Too many M.E. patients are dying from preventable deaths. This is why ME Foggy Dog is pleased to be collaborating, with Stripy Lightbulb CIC and The Chronic Collaboration on the #MPDoYourJob4ME project. Politicians need to know how to advocate for severe M.E. patients in hospital settings when all other avenues have been exhausted.

‘Shake It Up’ – for the creation of a new system to report harms from non-pharmaceutical ‘treatments’

The human rights abuses of M.E. patients by medical establishments in the UK, and getting M.E./C.F.S. included within future pandemic planning – learning the lessons from COVID19.

We’re Award Winning!

Sally Callow - winner of the 'Influencer' category at the Directory of Social Change Awards 2020

We’re a Social Enterprise!

Social Enterprise UK Certified Member

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