Team Foggy

In September 2018, ME Foggy Dog became a social enterprise, having been a wacky campaign to raise funds and awareness for M.E. since 2014.

ME Foggy Dog works for the M.E. community in the UK and internationally. We give 50% of our surplus (‘profit’) to CURE ME for biomedical research into the disease.

Social Enterprise UK Certified Member

Foggy is a globetrotting adventurer! He is on a mission to raise awareness of M.E./C.F.S. round the globe. He raises awareness with every paw-step!

Team Foggy = Foggy and Sally (Foggy’s P.A.)
Foggy’s P.A Sally has had M.E./C.F.S. since 2007.

In 2020, Sally won the ‘Influencer’ award at the Directory of Social Change Awards.

Since M.E. Foggy Dog was created in July 2014. Foggy has raised £10,573 for M.E./C.F.S. research and travelled 455,044 miles!

Team Foggy raises awareness by (nearly!) any means necessary.

They have already been on the telly, radio, in newspapers (online and in print), have held awareness events, have had wonderful people do physical challenges to raise funds, and have built a mini-empire using social media platforms.

We are always open to new opportunities; get in touch if you can help to spread Foggy love even further!

Foggy is AWESOME!

Sally & Foggy
Sally Callow - winner of the 'Influencer' category at the Directory of Social Change Awards 2020

Foggy has a bucket list, Goofy is his doggy idol, and his favourite treats are a cuppa (milk, 2 sugars) and a bag of cheesy puffs!

Foggy's Bucket List
Foggy on the Beach
Sally & Patch

Inspiration for ME Foggy Dog

ME Foggy Dog was inspired by Sally’s real-life dog Patch. He was incredibly supportive with snuggles and wet nose nudges when she was having particularly bad M.E./C.F.S. flare ups.

Patch was Foggy’s best friend.

Patch passed away on 25 October 2017 but his memory lives on through Foggy.

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