CALL TO ACTION – Photos and Video Needed For Severe M.E. Music Project.


As you are hopefully aware ME Foggy Dog and Stripy Lightbulb CIC are working collaboratively on a project for Severe M.E day (8th August). This project has 7 components, one of which is a music project.

This music project needs to have a video so it can be uploaded to YouTube.

I have been asking for people living with severe M.E or their carers/loved ones to send me photographs or short videos depicting their day to day reality. I’ve received submissions from 3 people – thank you.

I have made a few suggestions but it’s not an exhaustive list:

Photos of darkened rooms

Photos of the severely ill person laying on their bed (can be anonymous ie not showing face)

Measures that have to be taken to reduce sensory overload

Video – pan around the room to show what ‘the view’ is.

Photo of carer/loved one standing outside the closed bedroom door with a sign stating the age/name of the person with severe M.E and how long they have been bedbound.

I’m open to anything that shows the lived experience of severe M.E.

No sound required.

A few people have stated they will wear their ME Action ‘Millions Missing’ t-shirt in photos/videos. Please don’t as it will be misleading. ME Action isn’t involved in the project and they aren’t benefiting from our fundraising. All monies raised will be split 50/50 between Smile for M.E and Cure M.E.

Please send your photos/videos to me via (Dropbox/Google Drive links if necessary) by the 15th July. Make it clear in your email that you consent to me using your photos/video (something simple like – ‘I give permission for the attached visual content to be used for the BED for severe M.E music video’ and your full name.)

Thanks in advance!


and Foggy (OBVIOUSLY)


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