Foggy is a male soft toy dog but he wants to understand EVERYTHING there is to know about M.E. and what symptoms people have. So, today he is going to talk about how hormones affect his lady followers with regards to M.E.

He knows that in the week prior to THAT time of the month Sally is like a walking zombie. She say’s the blood in her veins feels like lead…making every part of her body feel really heavy and uncomfortable. Just moving around at home is more difficult than usual and everything seems to take 3 times as much energy and effort. Her blood pressure feels like it has dropped to the floor and has constant headaches, a painful weight at the back of her head, slightly blurred vision and heart tremors.

The usual M.E. symptoms such as lack of concentration, memory loss, speech difficulties, muscle fatigue, tiredness double during this time. It’s got to the stage when in THAT week she can say ‘oh that’s why!’ when she has been wondering why her symptoms were worse the week before.

Foggy has a theory. When the body has to cope with something ‘extra’ like periods, exertion, and stress ,for example, it shuts down in order to cope. The range of functions required to allow a woman to go through THAT week is huge. Every system in the body is affected on a monthly basis.

Feedback from Foggy’s ladies is welcomed; it would be interesting to see if this issue is a common one or if Sally is a freak of nature!

Doggy snogs xxx