Skydiving and Stonehenge!!!!!!


Team Foggy has been very busy this weekend!

Foggy, Sally and Michele G went to Go Skydive in Salisbury so Foggy could fly!

He hummed ‘Flying Without Wings’ throughout the entire journey…..not that he could really be heard from inside his globetrotting travel bag!

A lovely lady agreed to take Foggy up with her (see photo) and make his dream come true. Foggy had to do a naked skydive as, wind is 120 mph up in the clouds, there was a risk his collar and tag would fly off! Foggy loved his skydive and wanted to have another go but stopped sulking when we said we were heading to Stonehenge.

Here are the photos of his skydiving experience!

Our Stonehenge experience was EPIC!! What should have been a quick 10 minute drive turned into an hour long stop start traffic queue. Things got much better when we got to the Visitor Centre though (more queuing, another 45 minutes) but had fantastic fundraising news so Sally and Foggy were happy!. Foggy enjoyed the replica houses and furnishings and LOVED the extra long walkies through fields to get to the site. He had photos taken from all angles and even tried to play dominoes with the stones. He made friends and had photos taken with a stuffed monkey (sorry, we forgot to take our own photos!).

This is definitely a day trip M.E sufferers would struggle with. Sally has ‘mild’ M.E and found the walk to and from the site extremely tiring. The alternative bus ride from the Visitor’s Centre wasn’t a desirable option when the queue was 45 minutes long! Standing in a queue is also tiring! Sally would suggest M.E sufferers take this into account if deciding whether to visit. It is a VERY tiring experience.

Foggy and co had a fabulous, but exhausting, day travelling around Wiltshire. Additional 400 miles have been added to the mile-o-meter in the past 2 days. Foggy has now travelled 2850 miles. he hasn’t even left the UK yet!

Foggy snogs xxx