Severe ME Day – 8th August – Tower of London Poppies Trip!!


Foggy wanted to do something special on Severe M.E day and he chose a day out in London. As London is very hectic and noisy it is 100% somewhere ME sufferers feel the full extent of their illness. One of Foggy’s campaign objectives is to do things that M.E sufferers either find impossible or extremely difficult to do. So this day trip was perfect!

The start of the day was TENSE! Foggy was due to be handed back to Sally after the Jersey trip and then taken by Sally to the train station. Unfortunately, the Jersey Foggy sitter was running a little bit late and stress levels were getting a little bit HIGH! However, Foggy eventually arrived and a mad dash followed to get him to the station on time. 10 minutes to spare!

Foggy LOVES trains and loved every minute of the 1 hr 45 trip to Waterloo. He wasn’t too keen on the underground though; too noisy and hot. Arriving at Tower Hill was lovely….lots of green grass….walkies!!

This week also sees the launch of the Tower of London’s art installation called ‘Blood Red Lands and Seas of Red’. See the link for more info One of Sally’s friends Yvonne O’Connell had volunteered to ‘plant’ the ceramic poppies as part of an organised group. She took Foggy into the moat to take some photo memories of the day (see below).
While Foggy was being Foggy-sat by Yvonne, Jeanette H (Sally’s friend) and Sally took a walk along Tower Bridge spreading the M.E. word further – Sally wore her official ME Association t-shirt to promote Severe M.E day.

The day was exhausting; too hot, stifling, bustling, fast paced, loud and, although it wasn’t sunny, it was very bright. Call me Gizmo – remember? Bright light, bright light!! All of these factors are things that affect M.E sufferers. Sally usually avoids London like the plague but….this was for Foggy and the poppies. Had to be done 🙂  But now, she is sat in bed trying to engage a brain cell – they all seem to have shriveled and died tonight!

Remember, Foggy is globetrotting to raise funds and awareness for the ME Association. Please donate at

Hope you like the photo’s – Foggy snogs xxxxx