Eye Problems With M.E./C.F.S. – New Symptom!


I wrote this blog in 2016 (was it really that long ago?!) and I seem to be in exactly the same situation. I am recovering from another broken foot/toe and my eyes are playing up AGAIN. My double vision started again 3 months ago, it’s sporadic and so I haven’t really thought much about it but it’s been bugging me today, hence the blog.

As I said in my 2010 blog, the Emergency Eye Department (EED) told me my eye problems were caused by Propranolol and/or my M.E. They said that M.E caused muscles to work slowly and maybe the Propranolol side effect of ‘weak muscles’ was making the issue more noticeable. I came off the Propranolol soon after and I noticed that the double vision and related eye problems slowly stopped.

I remember speaking to some Foggy friends about eye problems at Foggy’s launch party. They also suffer from issues of double vision and achey eyes. They weren’t taking Propranolol. We all said that we had never heard of M.E affecting eye muscles before, it was a definite…eye-opener (sorry!).

I haven’t worked out a pattern yet. I’m not sure why I have double vision on some days but not others. It’s not specifically when I am extra tired or lethargic. Sometimes it’s when I wake up, other times I may have just rested/closed my eyes for a slow blink. I get the same double vision though. I agree with the EED, I think it is caused by weak eye muscles and my eyes are taking longer than they should to focus when I open my eyes.

I wear contact lenses. I used to wear them 24/7 but I had a stupid accident about 14 years ago. It involved a cup of boiling water, a flight of stairs, PJ bottoms being too long, and having severe burns to my entire face, including my eyes (I’ve said before that I’m ridiculously clumsy…right?!). Subsequently, I have very dry eyes. I have been told I can wear lenses but not for longer than 4 hours at a time. I also tend to stick to glasses as they have tinted lenses. But, on very rare nights out my vanity comes out and the contact lenses come out to play. Anyway, about 3 months ago, I noticed that on one of my eyes, the contact lens no longer fits properly. It doesn’t ‘stick’ as it should. It’s as if the shape of my eye has changed, so much so the lens doesn’t lay flat against my eyeball. Opticians measure the shape and contour of eyes during contact lens checks and so it’s obviously a ‘thing’. So, I have booked myself in for an eye test. I have eye conditions in my family history (Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration) and so eye stuff is slightly worrying. It just seems weird that these 2 eye problems have happened at the same time.

I know I always say it but I think this shows that M.E affects every single part of the body! Muscles make stuff move and so it’s hardly a surprise!


and Foggy (obviously)

2 thoughts on “Eye Problems With M.E./C.F.S. – New Symptom!”

  1. Hello lovely, I suffer with dry eyes now too. GP says it could be meds or m.e causing it. Prescribed me with eye drops which do help for a while at least 🙂 then I use them again!!

  2. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you have one more thing to deal with. I have experienced worsening vision issues since getting ME. I definitely notice a difference when my,symptoms flare up. I also have very dry eyes so I have to clean my eyelids twice a day to keep the tear ducts clean. I also have to take huge doses of omega oils otherwise the natural oils in my glands turn in to silly string and gum everything up. This leaves my eyes horribly dry which leads to blurred vision. I have a friend who has ME and discovered that she also suffers from dangerously dry eyes – yes it can be dangerous if left untreated. Is it all related? I don't know. But ME has definitely had an impact.
    That's good that you are getting your eyes checked given your family history. I'm praying for you ❤️.

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