Foggy’s 3 month ‘anniversary’ – time is FLYING!


Foggy has now been globetrotting for 3 months and while he is chilling in his jiffy bag on the way to Walhachin, British Columbia he thought he should do some kind of write up of his exploits so far.

He has met some lovely people on his travels: he went to the CBeebies Proms in the Royal Albert Hall in London with Patrick and his family, ascended Snowdon with Linda, met Romans with Sharon, been to London VISA shopping with Cerianne and Harley, planted a ceramic poppy at the Tower of London and met a beefeater with Yvonne (lovely day out for Sally too), went on a plane for the first time with Linda to Jersey, saw some big rocks and went on a very long walk at Stonehenge with Sally and Michele and went SKYDIVING!!!!! Then of course he went overseas!

Turkey was his first overseas visit and Foggy have a lovely time with Michele looking at ruins at Eupheseus and sunbathing, then he went on a last minute trip to New Zealand because Foggy’s Mount Kilimanjaro adventure was cancelled. Foggy had a lovely time in Christchurch; it was a true reflection of how Christchurch is post earthquake – a building site!

Then Foggy came back to the UK to go surfing with Uncle Derek and Auntie Pauline in Bude, Cornwall. Foggy had such a lovely time! When he got back he had a day trip to the Isle of Wight with Sally and her family. Foggy met dinosaurs!!! WOW!

Next came his fly/drive/choochoo train trip across America. He started in Portland, Oregon where he visited the Port of Garibaldi and went fishing with Yvonne and then headed to Santa Cruz where he did some sightseeing and shopping. Then it was a very slow postal jiffy bag trip to Florida where Foggy chilled out, met the local wildlife, sunbathed and had some retail therapy with Ann and co. He had hoped to meet some Disney characters but he ‘just’ missed out due to having to jet off to Canada. Foggy is upset that he didn’t meet Goofy….doggy idol!!

Foggy has so many future adventures planned his head is spinning!!! 9 months left…….eek! 43,500 miles clocked up already….his paws are getting a little bit tired. Lots of rest and play in Walhachin will sort him out….wide open spaces…lovely.

Please keep donating and make his efforts worthwhile .

Doggy snogs xxx