Neuroplasticity – Limbic Retraining

*Foggy* Morning! My P.A has woken up at stupid o’clock again. She has a really bad back and made the mistake of attempting to turn over in her sleep. OUCH.  I’ve told her to make the most of her awake-ness and write a blog. It’s a blog we’ve been meaning to write for a while but kept forgetting! I’d write it myself but……..(I’m a soft toy and can’t type)

Blog about Neuroplasticity – Limbic Retraining with the  Gupta Program.


I was blissfully unaware of the Gupta Program until I was sent an email from their ‘Office Manager’ Christine Crossley on the 2nd February 2020. Here is the email-

Dear Sally,

I hope you are well. Following on from my colleague Geeta’s email to you (I can’t remember receiving this email), I wanted to let you know that our Neuroplasticity “Limbic Retraining” clinic is now successfully treating patients with Long Haul Covid in addition to ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, and we are currently recruiting for a large randomized controlled trial on Long Haul Covid.

This is on the back of our recently published RCT on Fibromyalgia, showing that our Neuroplasticity treatment was highly effective compared to a control. You can find more information here: and the actual published paper here:

We were wondering if you would be interested in interviewing Ashok Gupta in order to publish an article or podcast on these important subjects relating to Long Haul Covid, especially since now the treatment has scientific evidence to back it up. We have further interviews and information below with patients who are recovering, and Ashok is also advising Covid-19 patients on the best way of avoiding contracting Long Haul, especially given his 20 years experience in treating ME/CFS. This may be of particular interest to your audience.

You can view further information and press releases here:

Please let me know your interest and availability,

What is Neuroplasticity/Limbic Retraining? – Brain retraining.

I’ve since emailed Christine Crossley with my concerns re. false advertising and false claims of being a ‘treatment’, I asked to be removed from their mailing list and have recommended their team participates in Stripy Lightbulb CIC’s e-training ( on M.E/C.F.S as they clearly do not know anything/enough about the disease.

Back at the start of February, when I first received the email, I took legal advice. Is there anything we can do about programs that make claims like this? I dread to think how many M.E/C.F.S and/or Long Covid patients will take part in this ‘program’ and find themselves worse off both financially and health-wise.

I received a very good, comprehensive, and lengthy reply from my lawyer friend. He gave me three options to think about. We can use social media to discount their claims but be careful not to state anything that can’t be PROVEN. We know it doesn’t work for most, if not all, but is there any scientific evidence of that? Legal action – words like ‘costly’ and ‘you would have a lot to PROVE’ leapt out from his email, he suggested avoiding this route.

This is the suggested course of action that I will be doing myself as soon as I have stopped typing this blog…..


My lawyer friend wrote – ‘The regulator for all things health in the UK is the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (or, the MHRA). The ultimate overseer of health is the Department of Health and Social Care. I should suggest at first instant to contact the Department of Health – the website is

Of course, they will look at the issue with the eyes of a prosecutor, so it may be that they decide to do nothing if they are of the view that although what is claimed below is bogus, there is no danger to anyone.’

I’m sure there are some members of our community who contact the DHSC or MHRA regularly when they see new claims of ‘treatments’ but it’s not something I have ever heard of or done myself. I will be filing this nugget of info away for future use!

Is anyone else getting ‘fatigued’ with having to react to nonsense on an almost daily basis at the moment? Just me?

Love Sally

and Foggy (OBVIOUSLY)

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