Foggy’s World Tour 2019-20….Coming Soon!


15 days to launch!

As long-term Foggy Followers will know, I like to have defined year-long campaigns with a start and an end point. This is so that donors don’t get donation fatigue but also so that we can set targets for Foggy.

Previous campaigns have made me realise something about myself, I don’t like missing targets. I take it personally, even though I know it is out of my control. The monetary target always hits me particularly hard as I know there is a desperate need for research funding. I also recognise that at least 75% of Foggy’s donations come from the M.E./C.F.S. community itself, and that pot of cash isn’t limitless. The 2019-20 World Tour does not have a monetary target. THE SKY’S THE LIMIT! Foggy and I will just see how much we can raise with a one year period- by any means necessary.

There will, as always, be a Just Giving page. It has already been set up but I haven’t promoted it yet as I don’t want to confuse everybody! It will be made active on May 8th. I will be promoting a Just Text Giving code during my awareness event so hopefully, we will make a bit of cash on the first evening of the globetrotting year.

In addition to that, I have ‘met’ Michael via LinkedIn. He has offered to do a physical challenge for Foggy. I will be promoting his Just Giving page to Foggy’s Followers and beyond after May 8th. Again, I don’t want to create confusion by asking for donations before Foggy’s year of adventuring starts. This physical challenge will be done as a member of ‘Team Foggy’ and the funds raised will be added to Foggy’s total.

If you would like to do your own physical challenge and be a member of ‘Team Foggy’ please do let me know. All money raised is going to Cure ME for biomedical research. If you have M.E./C.F.S, can’t do a physical challenge, but would like to do some fundraising for Foggy in your own way, get in touch! Maybe a coffee morning, raffle, concert….whatever! Absolutely anything (legal!) goes. As I have said THE SKY’S THE LIMIT in terms of fundraising this year.

As I have been saying since September, ME Foggy Dog is now a social enterprise, which means we are a not-for-profit business. This is why there is a charge for FogPod-Foggy’s podcast (sign up via, 50% of our surplus (profit) will be going to Cure ME at the end of the tax year. Any surplus from merchandise sales and Go Raise will also be heading to Cure ME. After doing everything for free since 2014, I am now taking a fresh approach to raising funds. It is now a mixture of donations (Just Giving) and surplus from the business.

We have a new range of merchandise! You’ll be able to see it on later today. If you buy YOURS now, you’ll have it in time for ME Awareness week!

If you live in or around Portsmouth (UK) please do come to our M.E Awareness event. It’ll be an informative but engaging evening. We have Cure ME (delivering a brief talk) and Retha Viviers (MECFS South Africa – Skype) as special guests! It’s also Foggy’s launch event so expect fun! I’m hoping to screen the event on Facebook Live but, as my efforts with technology failed last year, that’s not 100% guaranteed! Here’s the link –

I hope that you enjoyed a relaxing Easter.

Love and Foggy snogs xxx