Catch up and random-ness


Foggy is bouncing up and down on the sofa so I’ve left him to it and come upstairs to BED. A Spotify playlist is playing softly next to me and I’m leaning against pillows as I type this.

It struck me earlier that I haven’t written a blog for a while so I have plenty to tell you about!

If you are a regular on social media, you will have seen that went live yesterday. The timing wasn’t deliberate, everything just came together on the same day as the M.E debate in Parliament. It felt so good to have even more positive M.E./C.F.S. news to add to the mix. I now have around 60 days to finish creating the e-learning platform. EEK. I know my stuff so I’m not worried about the content, it’s just putting it into bite-sized chunks of easy-to-understand learning that’s going to be the tricky bit!! It’s also going to be CPD accredited so there is a little bit of extra pressure there.

I need to do a special shoutout to everyone who has offered information, advice, statistics, shared research papers with me or generally been very supportive. Some days, it can feel a bit overwhelming, so your support means a heck of a lot. As I said in my video post yesterday, Stripy wouldn’t have been possible without those of you who donated to the crowdfunding effort last year. I’ll never forget your generosity. Thank you.

My health is one of our business objectives. Trust me, it gets discussed at every Director’s meeting, to my annoyance! I chose my Directors carefully and it is paying off now. They are reminding me that without me there is no business. So, my health is the top priority. That is why I am trying so hard to stick to 4 working hours a day (in small chunks). As I explained to them at our last meeting, my M.E./C.F.S. hasn’t stopped me from being as driven about making the business a success as any other business owner would be. Success= research funding, more adequate support, and reduced stigma. That’s what drives me and I can’t easily turn my brain off from thinking about how to make the business grow. It’s really hard to turn off but I have to or I’ll push myself too hard. Just know I am in safe hands with Bianca and John (my Directors).

What about Foggy? Foggy is taking a well-earned break from globetrotting at the moment (As the blog photo shows, Foggy is grounded at the moment!)I’ve decided that his next adventure will launch during M.E. Awareness Week. Makes sense…doesn’t it? I don’t know why I haven’t done that before! I had hoped to do a BIG/SIGNIFICANT awareness event in London but that is 100% dependent on getting funding and/or FogPod raising cash to pay for it. So, if you have been putting off becoming a Patron for whatever reason, please consider doing so now. There are 2 patronage tiers (per month for weekly podcasts) – $1.99 and $7. $1.99 is to subscribe to the podcast only (and other free content), the $7 means you’ll get a gift from Foggy after every 2 months of patronage. Please help to grow FogPod by sharing the love.

This social enterprise malarky is a huge learning curve. There is so much new stuff to learn every day….with my foggy brain! This week, I’m getting my head around creating mailing list databases and mail merge…UGH. I’m still looking for volunteers. If you are able to help with admin or marketing in a VOLUNTARY position, please do let me know. See THIS advert – for info.

This week has seen the M.E. debate, a response to my mandatory reconciliation from the DWP (I am still zero disabled…apparently), and C.F.S. got mentioned in a Munchausen by proxy case on Casualty (Grrrrrr). It’s certainly been eventful!


Sally (and Foggy OBVIOUSLY)


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