So, I asked Foggy’s Followers to send questions for me to answer in a blog. They could be about M.E./CFS, Foggy’s campaign, or about me personally. I’m an open book so happy to answer whatever is thrown at me. I received a question from Megan.Rose06 on Instagram. She asked:

When were you diagnosed with M.E and how long did it take to be diagnosed?

This is a tricky one to answer as I have actually had M.E. twice. I had M.E. symptoms initially when I was in secondary school. I was aged 13 (ish) and it was during my ‘options’ years. I missed 18 months of school, had dozens and dozens of tests but never received a diagnosis. Then one day, it had gone…I was better.

The second round of M.E. started 2 weeks after my 30th birthday. It started shortly after an ear infection (Labyrinthitis). It took 3-4 years to get a diagnosis. I wasn’t taken seriously and my diagnosis came about in a conversation with a locum GP that went something like this…’ You have M.E., but don’t worry about it’.  So far, I have had this bout of M.E. for 10 years and the only treatment/management support I have ever received is CBT. I go through periods of ‘remission’, where I have a few months with more energy and can push myself to achieve more on a daily basis. But, I haven’t had a period of remission for at least 3 years now.

I hope that answers the question. Any more? Contact me via anytime.


Sally xx