List of Reasons Why This Redefining Gravity Benefit Concert Is Needed


I've put together a list of the key points of why I set this Redefining Gravity challenge and what my 'whys' are. Why does the M.E community need this?

It’s been a long day of planning and researching for this benefit concert challenge so I’m cheating a bit, I posted this as a thread on X earlier but, as the algorithm means barely anyone will have seen it, and because many MEeps have left X for greener pastures, I am reposting it as a blog here!

The List

1. Other than on the socials of advocates and people living with M.E, have you seen ANYWHERE that 1.25 million+ people in the UK now meet the diagnostic criteria for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis? It has yet to be stated in MSM.

2. M.E is hardly ever mentioned in articles about Long Covid (est 1/50 articles and then mentioned as ‘similar’ or ‘overlaps’). It has STILL not been made public knowledge that half of long Covid cases meet M.E/CFS diagnostic criteria. Covid19 can lead to M.E or M.E-like chronic illness – again, no mention in MSM.

3.The UK Govt (and most/all Govts worldwide) have not acknowledged Covid causes M.E. (cases meet M.E criteria)

4. This lack of acknowledgement means we have no hope of increased research funding for M.E. M.E has always been GROSSLY underfunded by Govts.

5. Prior to Covid, M.E research received around 50p-£1.50 per patient per year in the UK. Comparable diseases such as M.S and Parkinson’s got around £40-£60 per patient per year. Why the difference?

6. 5% of people living with the disease have a very poor quality of life. Research shows it is as poor as in people with late stage cancer or late stage renal failure – this can go on for years/decades. There is no appropriate care/support for these very ill people.

7. Those on the ‘milder’ end of the spectrum have lost 50%+ of pre-M.E functionality. Yet this is rarely acknowledged by DWP, medics, and others who make ill-informed decisions about the person’s life.

8. Redefining Gravity will raise a MINIMUM of £1million for M.E biomedical research for Cure ME/MECFS Biobank and tackle the stigma by raising awareness of the disease on a large scale.

9. It’s obvious Govts and MSM will continue to stranglehold the funding M.E receives AND the narrative around prevalence/Covid/Long Covid. So we create our own narrative. We ‘redefine gravity’ –



10. We create something ourselves that is so big it CANNOT be ignored.

11. This is why I want A-list artists to perform. Their ‘reach’ is what our cause needs.

12. Redefining gravity is a CHALLENGE. I figure, if I’m going to do it….DO IT!! Dream big, reach for the stars and see what happens.

13. ‘Challenge’ = No budget. It can only be a success through VOLUNTARY and GOODWILL contributions of time, effort, skills, materials, and talent. Think ‘Challenge Anneka’. If Anneka Rice can do it….. why can’t I? (I’ll give it a good try at least!)

Get in touch if you can/want to help. I particularly need guidance from people with experience/expertise in the music industry and event management. But many hands make light work and all that, the more hands the better!

The JustGiving page for Redefining Gravity has been live since July 2023 and will be accepting donations until after the concert in July 2024, you can donate at any time. All donations go direct to Cure ME/M.E./C.F.S. biobank.  DONATE HERE – THANK YOU

Please follow the socials for this challenge, you can find it on X and Instagram using the handle @RDGravityME. Help to spread the word.

We have merch! (as you can see me wearing in the main photo above) Buy yours today via the website.


£1 million (MINIMUM) ….here we come!!