Foggy’s 100 Days ONE Challenge!



I’m fed up.

My P.A tells me that I won’t be going globetrotting any time soon. I miss globetrotting and adventuring!

I also miss helping my M.E-affected Followers by raising biomedical research funding.

My P.A was flicking through Cosmpolitan magazine this morning and came across an article that gave her an idea.

I’ll let her explain.

Love Foggy xx



Money has always been tight for most Myalgic Encephalomyelitis patients. I have always felt odd about asking the people with the least amount to spare to donate and fund their OWN biomedical research. The current pandemic has made purse strings even tighter, particularly those whose loved ones are now furloughed or struggling to keep their business going.

Foggy won’t be able to go on a travel challenge this year and I have been pondering ways to fundraise for Cure ME in the absence of globetrotting.

Then I read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine this morning –

The article got me thinking, I’ve always said every penny (cent, etc) counts but the pandemic means that pennies are more important and valuable to Foggy’s fundraising than ever.

I did some very basic rough maths and worked out that towards the end of the year mentioned in the article, savers would be saving around £20 a week. That is not achievable for our fundraiser so we have adapted it. It’s a variation on a theme!

On day 100 of the challenge, £1 (dollar or Euro, etc) will be donated. We believe that up to a maximum of £1 (day 100) is achievable for MANY (not all) of Foggy’s Followers. 100 days of this ‘accumulative challenge’ will raise a total of £50.50 (or similar in different currencies) PER PERSON. If you are particularly struggling financially but want to take part, maybe participate for a smaller number of days? As I said, every penny counts.

In case your brain is struggling to understand – add ONE penny to the amount you donated the day before. If you donated 17p on a Thursday you would donate 18p on the Friday. It may make sense, for those of us with Foggy brains to write in diaries or on calendars how much we have donated and when! Missed a few days? Add up the total missed and add it in a lump sum, easily done (hopefully!)


Did you know that Foggy has a Paypal account? It has been sitting on Foggy’s home page for a few weeks. I have checked and there is no minimum amount that can be credited to a Paypal account. (PLEASE NOTE: Fees will be paid separately by Team Foggy and not from donations).

In 100 days, we could raise £100s of pounds with pennies – depending on how many people take part, obviously.


The 100 days start on Monday 11th January 2021.

Covid19 is making us ‘think outside of the box’ in terms of fundraising, Team Foggy would be very grateful if Foggy’s Followers choose to take part in Foggy’s 100 days ONE Challenge! It would be great if you could let me know if you are taking part too but it can be anonymous if preferred.

The pandemic doesn’t take away the need for M.E research and fundraising.

Thank you very much in advance,