All Good Things Come To An End


Foggy’s Followers on his social media platforms will have seen that I closed Foggy’s World Tour 2019/2020 yesterday due to issues brought about the COVID-19. Watch this video.

eeks ago when travel bans and cancelled holidays/business trips started to cause problems with Foggy’s globetrotting. But, as the pandemic worsened I felt it would no longer be safe for Foggy’s sitters to get out and about with Foggy and it may be the case in a few weeks that post offices are closed.

I am very disappointed and it wasn’t a decision I took lightly.

Anyone who has followed Foggy’s exploits since 2014 will know how determined I am to raise as much research funding as possible and to raise awareness at every opportunity. In the past few months, I have had a number of informal meetings with people who were all keen to help. Things like concerts, lectures, awareness events and designing new merchandise. All of which are awesome and will help Foggy’s work.

But now the pause button has been pressed.

I am desperately hoping that these talks and plans can be picked up again once COVID-19 is dealt with and life can resume as ‘normal’ (Will we ever get back to that?).

As some of you will have seen, Foggy is now in Russia. Foggy was Foggy-napped by Kate from Cure ME. I knew nothing of his extra trip until I received an email from Jack from Cure ME last night. I got this photo – I was relieved to see no ransom note! (Joking Kate, thank you). Since 2014, the one place I have dreamed of being ‘Foggy’d’ was Russia. This trip has made my own personal dream come true. Foggy will get back to Foggy HQ next week sometime, paws crossed.

I am keeping the Just Giving page open until May 8th (the date the World Tour was due to end). I will be continuing my advocacy work so if I inspire a donation or two that would be great.

COVID-19 hasn’t diminished our need for biomedical research.

Donate here

You can still buy Foggy’s merchandise via 50% of our surplus will fund M.E research.

There is a short video in the pipeline. Thank you to Kay, Gillian and Kirsty for talking about their M.E experience on camera. My student volunteer Mason is now editing the footage and it should be available in a few weeks’ time.

As I have reassured Cure ME, Foggy will be back. I have no idea when but he will continue to fundraise for Cure ME. Team Foggy think they are awesome and have our continued support. We are very disappointed that we didn’t manage to raise more money over the past 10 months but there have been a number of other charitable schemes that have also required funding so it’s not a surprise. Our M.E community’s pot of money isn’t inexhaustible.

Remember, Cure ME’s research reach is global. They enable research around the world and do fantastic work themselves.

Thank you for your love and support, Foggy snogs to every Foggy Follower wherever you live around the world.

Love Sally

and Foggy OBVIOUSLY xxxx